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Jiaying Zee
Jiaying Zee
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Library Rules Empty Library Rules

on Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:58 pm
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Library Rules
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Rule No. 1:
"Students are welcome to explore all sections of the library in the pursuit of knowledge however, as the name suggests, the restricted section is strictly off-limits to students."

-Students who are wanting a book from the restricted section may make a request to the librarian but the likelihood of them being allowed that book is quite low.

  • Even with being allowed out the students were only allowed to read certain parts under the watchful eye of the librarian and are not allowed to leave the library. 

-Those who are caught attempting to break into the restricted section, in possession of a restricted book without permission or inside of the restricted section will be punished severely. 

  • These punishments can range from a permanent ban from the library, weeks or months of detentions to suspension and in extreme cases expulsion.
  • The Headmaster will always be informed of those attempting to bypass this rule.

Rule No. 2:
"Students can borrow and take books from the library but they must be signed out first and returned within two weeks of taking the book out of the library."

- If a student is late to return a book they will be marked down on the list of overdue books and will be pulled by the librarian upon their next visit to the library.

  • If the book is not returned within a day of that then the student faces a detention and a temporary ban on removing books from the library, although they are still allowed to read books within the library.

Rule No. 3:

"Whilst the librarian has lifted the ban on food and drink within the library any students who leave their rubbish in the library, throw food or drink around and cause the library to become untidy and disorganised will be punished accordingly."

- The students involved will receive a detention alongside a temporary ban on either being in the library or bringing food and drink into the library.

  • If this happens too much during a term the ban will be reinstated.

Rule No. 4:
"The librarian is there to help you find books, write your essays and make sure that the library is a safe and suitable place for students to work and study. Disrespect will not be tolerated and will be punished in the same way disrespect towards any other member of the Hogwarts Staff would be."

- The punishment is up to the librarian and can change from incident to incident, some students will simply receive warnings whilst others could receive bans or detentions.

  • In the past ten years, only fifteen students have been fully banned from the library.

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