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Thomas Reid
Thomas Reid
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REID, Thomas Empty REID, Thomas

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:25 am
REID, Thomas Tumblr_inline_mth4jsXFqE1r934j4

General Information

Full Name: Thomas Reid.
Nickname(s): Reid (acquaintances or friends,) Tommy (close friends,) or Braveheart, (Antagonistic.)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Date of Birth (Age): December 13th 2021.
Blood Status: Halfblood.
Mother, Ailena Reid-Fitzsimmons
Father, Robert Fitzsimmons - muggle civil servant, currently unknown.

House: Ravenclaw

Face Claim: Colin Ford.

Height: 1.43 m / 4" 6'
Hair: Brown[
Eye Color: Dark Green
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Other Remarks: None.

Wizard/Witch Index

Wand Core: Unicorn Hair.
Wand Wood:Willow.
Wand Length:  11"
Wand Flexibility:  Unyielding, very rigid.

Patronus: Pine Marten.

Abilities: N/A
- Was prone to accidental magic as a child but that's as close to an ability he comes.

Personality and History
Reid isn't the most sociable person in the world, more at home surrounded by facts and numbers than people, switching between eager rambling and monosyllabic responses whenever he tries to interact with people. He never really got to interact with people his own age beyond at his Muggle primary school, where he tended to spend his time alone in the library.

He's easily ruled by his emotions, likely due to his young age, so on a bad day he can be grumpy and sarcastic. Taking out his anger on inanimate objects or by muttering snappy remarks and a vast array of curses under his breath when he thinks no one is paying attention. But on his good days, he can laugh and joke with those around him. He embodies the Slytherin principle of Fraternity as he is willing to do whatever it takes to help those close to him, even if it means breaking rules or hurting others which can lead him to wonder why he didn't get sorted into that house however he simply lacked the ambition to be in that house, Reid hates change and doesn't want to be the best or top of anything.

His loyalty to those he cares about could have had him placed in Hufflepuff but Reid wouldn't have fit in there, he's by no means rude or cruel but doesn't fit the hard-working and pure-hearted idea of what a Hufflepuff should be. He is also resourceful, he knows how to use the world around him to his advantage and manages to stay calm and collected under pressure. This worked to his advantage throughout primary school and whilst living with his Father. This led the hat to consider placing him into Slytherin but Reid didn't want that. The little he did know about the other house reminded him of his Father, cunning and ambitious. And Reid didn't want to be like him.

His love to knowledge and learning led him to be sorted into Ravenclaw.

He does enjoy working things out and piecing things together, seeing what makes people act and think a certain way or how certain spells or objects work. Since he got his wand he's been fascinated with how it all works. This curiosity and desire to learn has been with him since he was young and has spurred on his love of reading and learning, although his lack of confidence and general uncertainty stops him from asking the questions he really wants to ask.

Born in a country estate on the outskirts of Dundee to a muggle named Robert Fitzsimmons and a half-blood witch named Ailena Reid, two former childhood sweet-hearts that had reconnected over the previous Summer. Thomas was an unplanned, and not entirely welcome, addition to the family, arriving during a cold winter night on the 13th December. After a long and hard labour. Later his Mother would joke about how much grief he had given her before he could even talk, how even then he was a difficult and strange child.

For most of their relationship, and for most of Thomas's early childhood, Ailena kept the truth about herself hidden for fear of Robert's reaction but as Thomas got older and his magic started to appear she was left with no choice but to confess the truth. Maybe if she'd been honest from the start the rift that the secret caused could have been healed but instead, the revelation caused the two to drift further and further apart.

His Mother would switch between a state of pride and concern for her son as he grew up whilst his Father, who had previously been unaware of the magical world, found himself confronted by a child that caused plates to smash when he had nightmares and found himself at odds with the local children.

His Father resented the fact that Thomas was quiet, introverted, preferring to read a book rather than kick a football around his Dad or go watch a match down the pub. This resentment turned into anger and turned into sharp comments and biting remarks that chipped away at his self-esteem as he got older. Sometimes Thomas wondered if it was because of the magic or because of him, if he was that strange of a person that even if he'd been muggle things would have been the same.

His Father's anger grew, though it never manifested beyond curt and cold remarks or snide and snappy comments until it all came to a head when he was nine. His parents had been arguing all night, their voices echoing through the house and getting louder and louder until even the pillow wrapped around his head couldn't block them out. It continued until the sound of a door slamming shut silenced the house, he couldn't hear his parents arguing just the soft sound of someone crying.

That night was the only night in Thomas's memory of his Father doing anything good for him.

The only good thing his Father had ever done for him was leave, pack up his bags in the middle of the night and leave his eight-year-old son behind. Leaving behind broken beer bottles and dents and cracks in the living room walls as the only physical reminders that he was ever there. By the end of the next day, no traces of Robert Fitzsimmons remained, the broken bottles and glass had been chucked into the bin and the dents and cracks filled with plaster and covered up with newspaper and Tommy's childish drawing.

His Father was gone and Thomas was sure that the world was better off for it.

No one, especially him, needed that man in his life.

Though there was always that small shred doubt in the back of his mind, whispering to him late at night when his mother was in bed and he was left alone in his room with his thoughts.  Telling him that his Father had left because he was a freak, because he could make things move or break when he was upset or because he didn't get along with the other boys at school.

Because there was something wrong with him that drove people away.

This doubt, insecurity, did lessen as he got older but it always remained and even when he got his letter to go to Hogwarts he couldn't help but worry that he wouldn't fit in there too.

He knows the basics about the magical world but none of the etiquette that children from pureblood families would know or the connections that they would have, it's just been him and his Mam when it comes to the magical world. She was his only connection and his only source of information. However, her family cut her off when she got with his Father and neither of them can entirely blame them for that decision, so the pair of them are alone in the eyes of the Wizarding world.

Out of Character

What should we call you? Em or Emily, I don't really mind.

Other Characters: Niamh Lenora Finnigan.
Experience: A little while, 5+ years experience.

How did you find us? RPNation.

(Submitted already as 'Niamh Lenora Finnigan.)

Last edited by Niamh Lenora Finnigan on Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:58 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Was missing it's height.)
James William Wilson
James William Wilson
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REID, Thomas Empty Re: REID, Thomas

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:30 am
ACCEPTED, and sorted into [Ravenclaw Students] and ]Female].
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