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Lance Hunter
Lance Hunter
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A New Beginning - Page 2 Empty Re: A New Beginning

on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:21 pm
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"Alright, midgets over here!" He called out as he neared the train the students were currently exiting, he waved and greeted some familiar faces and rolled his eyes as he was inevitably called Santa by a certain group of students. The students had finally arrived, the train had come barrelling in at full force in all its glory and Lance could finally do his job.

"Oi!" He jerked his wand towards a certain fifth year amidst the crowd that was greeting him and calling him Santa, they must have been trying to show off in front of the first years. "Flood the toilets again this year and I will end you Iain...I'll throw you in the lake or let Peeves have at you." The student merely nodded and hurried off, Lance chose to interpret the expression as one of fear rather than the more likely look of indifference.

The smoke funnelled out of the train and he took in the sight of the Hogwarts Express, he didn't usually get to see it and so when he could it was always quite the sight. It was a thing of beauty really. He waited and watched as the first years made their way over to him, "Is this all of you?" He scrutinised them for a second - he hadn't been given any kind of list so he'd have to hope for the best. "Well if it isn't it is now!" He shot them all a grin, looking like a cartoonish maniac as the light from the lantern illuminated his face. "The rest can be apparated home or something," He muttered quietly. Or just be rounded up by the older students and herded to the entrance hall to be sorted, "Don't worry! I'll look after you lot...you got lucky....you could have ended up with any of that lot." He nodded towards the direction of the castle where the Professors were, he knew that some of them would have been signing in the older students at the carts but the lucky first years were going to be taking the scenic route. 

"Little bit of advice for you all as while I'm here I might as well impart my worldly wisdom, you should all be very terrified when you walk into Charms as the Professor is an evil witch, should never mess with the ghosts, trust the flying Professor and never mess around in or damage the library...be very scared if you do." He was a grown man scared by very few things and even he feared the wrath of Jiaying. "..oh!" He clicked his fingers as a thought came to him and he came to a sudden halt, "And if you do anything that either result in extra work for me I will make life extremely irritating for you...and please don't feed my cat he's extremely overweight and despite what he may have you believe he is not being starved or mistreated he is simply a greedy bugger that needs to be put onto a diet."

Hunter kept up a steady commentary as he guided the first year students through the forest and towards the boats that would take them to the castle. He tuned out their conversations as white noise and trusted that none of them would be stupid enough to run off into the dark depths of the forest on their first day. That was basically a death wish unless they stumbled upon a particularly cheerful centaur or managed to find their way to the castle themselves.

His arm was aching from carrying the lantern but traditions must be maintained, it was the same lantern Hagrid had used all those years before when it had been him in the students position and absurdly he liked the way it felt to carry a big lantern around - made him feel like he was Hagrid, big and strong rather than the somewhat short English man he was.

He was starting to develop a height complex thanks to the fact that some of the people he worked with were freakishly tall. At least most of the students were tiny little midgets rather than towering over him, the first time he'd encountered a student he'd known from being eleven that had grown taller than him he'd tried to give the lad detention but the Headmaster had refused to have it.

So being surrounded by first years as he carried Hagrids lamp was actually turning out to be more of an enjoyable experience than he'd imagined and the journey started to fly by a lot quicker than he'd thought it would.

Though the students were probably sick of walking by the time they'd started to reach the lake.

"If any of you can convince the Astronomy, Potions or Charms Professor to sing or dance I swear to buy you as many sweets from Honeydukes as you want...and by as many as you want I mean as much as I can afford and by that I mean like three or four chocolate frogs or some liquorice wands because I'm really quite poor." He let out a self-deprecating chuckle that died on his lips as he realised where they were, he quickly forced some cheer back into his voice as he got ready for what he had unofficially dubbed the 'big reveal.' "And on that high note...let's get you all to Hogwarts."

Lance stopped walking, doing a mock dramatic bow as he placed the lantern on the ground. He raised his wand and murmured "Lumos." A small ball of light appeared and he guided it towards the lake, letting it illuminated the lake and reveal the small boats bobbing on the surface of the dark lake.

The lake had unnerved him as a student, too dark and murky for him to feel completely safe - he always felt like there was something lurking beneath the surface waiting to grab him and the dark itself was unnatural. The idea of riding across it again made him feel queasy, he just hoped the green tinge he guessed he skin had taken on wasn't as obvious as it felt.

Then the light rose and brought attention to what was above the lake, the castle was stood proudly illuminated by the golden light in the windows as it practically glowed when compared to the dark night sky. 

It was a magical sight, he chuckled at his own pun, and he hoped that the students would remember seeing Hogwarts for the first time in a more positive light than he had.

"If you get sea-sick, sick when it comes to rickety wooden boats and water or anything like that I'd speak up now."

When none came, barring the first year at the back that he ignored - it was a small boat ride and he was there to intervene if it got too bad so really they didn't need to have spoken up but he'd have had to ask, he nodded and spun on his heels and started heading closer to the boats perched at the edge of the lake. "It's a maximum of four to a boat...don't put your fingers, hands, arms, feet, legs or just any body part into the lake unless you wish to become Mermaid food and if you do want to become Mermaid food then jump in and hope that your grief-stricken parents will respect your life choices."

"And even if you think they will please don't as I quite like this job and I'd rather not get fired before the years ever officially began."

As he walked and got into the boat he hummed 'Jingle Bells,' under his breath, occasionally turning around to check that no one looked as if they were about to throw up or faint and that he had the same amount of students that he'd started with. 

He probably did.


Once he was satisfied that everyone had boarded the boats he cast a silent charm and their journey began, the boats began to make their way across the water - his boat in the front with the students all close behind.
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