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James William Wilson
James William Wilson
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01: Rules and Guidelines Empty 01: Rules and Guidelines

on Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:26 am
Decree no. 2032
Ministry of Magic, London

Article 1

§1 Hogwarts 2032 is a forum-based RP set in the Wizaring World of J. K. Rowling. 
§2 It is set in the year 2032, in an alternative future where Lord Voldemort has been defeated and the Wizarding World is, at the moment, at peace. 
§3 All Canon events before the year 2032 are considered official and can be used as a reference point for playing here. 

Article 2
Interpersonal Relationships

§1 This site promotes friendly relations and respect among its players. You do not have to be friends with every one, but basic manners and civility are expected. 
§2 And form of abuse (verbal, psychological, etc.) is strictly forbidden, as are insults related, but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, religious preferences, sexual orientation, gender, age, social status, etc. 
§3 Violating the above-mentioned rules will result in disciplinary actions by the site's administrators. Disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to warnings, apologies and bans. 
§4 All these rules apply both IC and OC, with the exception of prearranged IC situations. 
§5 IC insults based on blood or racial status are allowed. 
§6 In case of dispute or suspicious situations, you are required to contact one of the administrators, whose obligation is to resolve the situation as quickly and as peacefully as possible. 
Article 3

§1 The site is rated R. 
§2 Mature subjects are allowed up to a certain degree, in accordance with §1. Nevertheless, explicit and/or graphic portrayals of mature subjects (violence, mutilation, abuse, sexual themes, mental health issues, etc.) is prohibited, unless explicitly authorized by one of the administrators. 
§3 Such authorizations can be revoked at any moment. 
Article 4
Activity and Participation

§1 The administrators regularly perform activity checks every month. 
§2 You are encouraged to post regularly with all your characters, but inactivity of one of them will be tolerated if there is no specific setting for him to participate at one moment. 
§3 If a player fails to respond to an activity check, he/she will be contacted via PM as to confirm the situation. If the player does not reply to the PM in 5 days, his/her character(s) will be considered inactive. 
§4 Inactive characters are automatically archived upon, either, confirmation of inactivity, or after 10 days. 
§5 If you plan on taking a break or leaving the site, please inform us here
Article 5
Rules of the Game

§1 Before creating your character and starting the game, please read all the rules carefully. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask here or contact one of the administrators. 
§2 Keep your characters realistic and adjusted with their age, background and abilities. 
§3 At any one time, a player may have 5 characters simultaneously. 
§4 Administrators may impose other limitations and/or corrections on your characters. In case you wish to add another character above the limit as determined in §3, please contact one of the administrators and seek their explicit permission. 
§5 Overpowered characters are prohibited and will be either returned for revision, or completely rejected. Same applies to Gary Stu/Mary Sue-type characters. 
§6 God-modding is strictly prohibited. While you are free to do what you want with your own characters, please consider that other player might not agree with your plans for their characters. Before directly influencing other players' characters, please contact them and seek explicit permission. 
§7 In addition to the above mentioned limitations and rules, please respect the internal logic of Rowling's Wizarding World. Although such a setting allows for much freedom, the world has its own logic and limitations so you are urged to respect them when sketching out your character. 
§8 In case of any dispute, please contact one of the active administrators. 
Article 6
Posting and Style

§1 Hogwarts 2032 is a medium to advanced roleplaying site. 
§2 You are expected to write a well-structured reply with a minimum of 300 words. 
§3 Use a spell checker to check for grammatical or syntactical errors. 
§4 While there is no strictly implemented style, players are encouraged to write in the third person. Stylistic elements (internal monologues, stream of consciousness, first-person narrative, syntactical deconstruction, etc.) are not prohibited, but should be used only in special circumstances. 
§5 Before being accepted, each new player is required to post a 300-word playing example so that the community can distinguish between serious players and those who cannot follow the tempo of the site. This example should follow their character in a hypothetical situation of the player's own choice. 
§6 Old players do not have to post an example when creating a new characters, but should indicate that they have other characters on the site. 
Article 7

§1 This is the Rules version 1.0, as confirmed on 22 November 2018 and is valid until revised or otherwise stated. 
§2 Welcome and have fun!

Minister of Magic
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