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Niamh Lenora Finnigan
Niamh Lenora Finnigan
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FINNIGAN, Niamh Lenora Empty FINNIGAN, Niamh Lenora

on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:42 am
FINNIGAN, Niamh Lenora Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7Fzs5vIjsrH2A5eOkWJh004khb6d3XxVtvbKfT9C_dsbr_rRm

General Information

Full Name: Niamh Lenora Finnigan
Nickname(s): Lenny (Friends and acquaintances,) Nia (close friends and family,) Nora (Family members when they're annoyed or angry,) and Sparky (Her Father's nickname for her.)
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Date of Birth (Age): 18th April, 2021.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Father, Seamus Finnigan, Quidditch commentator.
Mother, Orla Harland-Finnigan, muggle veterinarian.
Sister, Rowan Finnigan, 23 - Herbologist for the Ministry.
Brother, Eoin Finnigan, 23 - Muggle relations Ministry official.
Brother, Callahan Finigan, 20 - Security troll trainer in training.
Brother, Patrick Finnigan, 19 - Aspiring columnist for Wizards Weekly.

House: Hufflepuff

Face Claim: Johnny Sequoyah.

Height: 1.75
Hair: Dirty blonde.
Eye Color: Brown.
Skin Tone: Caucasian.
Other Remarks: None.  

Wizard/Witch Index

Wand Core: Phoneix Feather.
Wand Wood: Dogwood.
Wand Length: 9" 3/4
Wand Flexibility: Surpisingly swishy.

Patronus: Wild Rabbit. (Not that she knows it yet.)

Abilities: N/A.

Personality and History
Niamh is a person who's very much ruled by her heart and her emotions, choosing to follow what she thinks is right or what feels best over what is logical or what might make the most sense. She's idealistic and principled with a very strong sense of morality and is steadfast in her beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. It's hard to get her to sway from her beliefs or change her mind, a trait she inherited from her stubborn and determined Father.

However don't mistake her morality for her being a teachers pet or someone who constantly follows the rules, she sees harmless rule breaking and tricks as a part of Hogwarts and as long as no one gets hurt she'll happily join in with causing mischief or trouble. She has quite a playful nature, evidenced by her wand, so she loves making people laugh or smile. Mainly through various elaborate schemes or pranks that she's picked up or learnt from her brothers, in preparation for going to Hogwarts her brother made sure to pack various essential items in her case and hope that their parents wouldn't find it.

Like most Hufflepuffs, she's willing to see the good in everyone and help out anyone if she can. This is both one of her best traits and is most commonly her undoing, her naivety and willingness to trust people leaves her open to being exploited or taken advantage of and as she tends to go all in when it comes to people these 'betrayals,' leave her crushed. She also tends to get upset when someone doesn't meet the expectations she had for them.

To those she considers friends she's always there and is quite the extrovert, trying to talk and socialise with everyone she can. Her confidence in herself and trust in herself can sometimes come across as cocky or overbearing, sometimes even a bit hyperactive or intense. Especially when she tries to explain what she thinks about something to others.

However, true to the Finnigan name, just as she is ruled by her positive emotions Niamh is easily ruled by her anger. She has the signature Finnigan temper, a hot red anger that flares up easily and fades away just as fast. Whilst she would never want to hurt anyone when angry she'll often lash out at whoever is closest and come to regret her actions later.

Born and raised in the coastal town of Dún Laoghaire Niamh had a bright and happy childhood, being the baby of the family had its perks and she found herself being spoiled by her parents and doted on by her older brothers - their curious and mischevious natures rubbed off onto her as they regaled her with tales of the pranks they pulled in town or, once they were old enough, the trouble they caused at Hogwarts.

Her childhood was a happy one, her parents were hopeless romantics who had been in love since Seamus moved back to Northern Ireland. Although their relationship had been turbulant at first with Seamus hiding the trauma from the Wizarding War and the fact he was a wizard from Orla. They met when Seamus went to the local shelter to adopt a dog, one that tended to escape from it's run and so became known as Houdini, the two began talking and the rest became history. However, it was the arrival of the twins, Rowan and Eoin, that cemented their relationship. Once they came along Seamus seemed much more like the boy he had been before the return of the Dark Lord and with Orla's help, he grew to be a great man and a great Father despite the trauma in his past.

Niamh came along last, a surprise to both of her parents, though that didn't impact her childhood in any way barring making her the youngest of the family. She had older siblings to annoy, play with and torment and as she was the baby of the family she tended to get away with more trouble than most.

Her Mother made sure that her children went to muggle primary school and experienced the best of both worlds, so for obvious reasons Niamh is accepting of muggles and wizards alike. They'd spend weekends helping out at their maternal grandparents' cafe, Niamh would usually get a pound or two from the regulars and treat herself to an ice-cream or spend the time chasing the chickens her Grandmother kept in the back patio of the cafe. Or they'd spend time playing Quidditch with their Father.

Out of Character

What should we call you? Mephobia or Em or Emily.

Other Characters: Thomas "Tommy," Reid.
Experience: A little while, 5+ years.

How did you find us? RPNation.

It was strange, thinking about how she'd been in this position what felt like a hundred times before, walking alongside Patrick through Kingscross Station as they headed towards Platform Nine and three-quarters. All the other times she'd been at the Station had been for her siblings, for Rowan and Eoin and Callahan and then Patrick, never for her. But now she was eleven, which as far as she was concerned was practically grown up, she was eleven and about to start her first year at Hogwarts.

She was pointedly ignoring the amused or puzzled looks the people around them kept shooting them at the sight of a caged owl and what looked to be a cauldron. The looks that screamed they knew what they were seeing but they just couldn't believe it - she wondered if she'd look like that when she arrived at Hogwarts.

That was if she ever managed to get herself there, she and her brother had come to a halt at the brick wall - the hidden entrance to the Platform. And whilst Niamh had seen it done a thousand times before, had done it a thousand times before, there was a big difference between doing it alongside your parents and doing it alone with a cart full of your belongings.

"Couldn't they make us do something other than run through a bloody wall.'" Niamh muttered as she scrutinised the wall. "What if it goes wrong? What if it's the wrong wall....what if-"

"You'll be fine Lenny," Patrick cut her off with an eye-roll, his camera was around his neck and she resisted the childish urge to grab it and run or throw it at the wall to prove to him how solid it was. "Now remember...just close your eyes and run! Obviously, try your best not to die...or get turned into a pancake or dragon food."

She let out a burst of laughter at the image the words popped into her mind before tightening her grip on the trolley, readying herself to run through the wall. Maybe it'd be fun, even if she did die maybe she could become a ghost and haunt the Station - make a couple trains act weird and scare the other first years or haunt a couple of muggles and end up on TV. She stood there for a minute thinking about it until a small smile appeared on her face and she ran for it, hair trailing out wildly behind her and her brother's voice calling out for her to wait for him or slow down.

The darkness gave way to the light of Platform nine and three-quarters and the sight of the other Hogwarts students that had flooded the station. The sight of the robes and sound of voices and carts being pushed against the platform floor caused her to bounce on her feet slightly, it was all real and it was happening! These were all Hogwarts students and she was about to become one of them. She tried to keep herself from freaking out, sure she was still nervous and a part of her still felt like she'd either collapse or be sick but now she was actually here she couldn't wait.

"You don't look like you need me anymore." Patrick commented with an amused and somewhat nostalgic look, "I remember being in your spot...I just wanted to run and talk to everyone and see everything....hell..." He muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'I'm going to regret this,' before he continued. "If you swear not to tell Mam I'll go now so you can chat or whatever...meet people." He gestured vaguely to the masses of students around her. "Just end up in anything but Slytherin and DO NOT become a stick in the mud like Eoin...one of them's enough." Then as an afterthought, "Just try not to burn the place down when you get there!"

"And this is why I love you best, Eoin and Rowan would hold my hand all the way to the train." Niamh replied as she looked up at him, making a point of ignoring his last statement before shooting him a grin. "Thanks for bringing me though." She started to walk away, scared he might take back the offer and become some kind of mother hen. "And as for the supplies...I'll make sure to use them and remind them there's still a Finnigan at Hogwarts.....don't worry!" She called back over her shoulder, "Bye!" Taking her hands off of her cart to give him a thumbs up turned out to be a bad idea, which in hindsight she should have guessed, as she felt it swerve and let out a small shriek.

"Sorry! Sorry...about that...I'm sorry!" Niamh winced apologetically as she regained control of her cart, luckily it hadn't been close enough to hit anyone but she'd come close to two students in particular. "I'd wanted to make a memorable first impression but that wasn't it...sorry...I already said that, didn't I? And now I'm rambling." She chuckled and ran a nervous hand through her hair, quickly checking to see if Twix and Ophelia were alright. "Nice rat by the way, I've got one too...Ophelia...Ophie for short." She gestured towards the small carrier Ophelia was inside of. "I'm Niamh Lenora Finnigan...Niamh or Nia for short, don't ask it's weird and Irish and a long story involving a bet and some alcohol, and you guys are?"

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James William Wilson
James William Wilson
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FINNIGAN, Niamh Lenora Empty Re: FINNIGAN, Niamh Lenora

on Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:43 am
Of course it's alright! More than that!

ACCEPTED, and sorted into [Hufflepuff Students] and [Female]
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